DASH for Rating Companies

DASH is an essential and flexible enterprise management system for energy rating and auditing companies.

We built DASH to manage state of the art rating and auditing companies like yours—From plans through scheduling, field data collection, reporting, archiving and industry specific data registry and QA, DASH is the linchpin that keeps your whole company moving smoothly forward.

Our goal is to provide you with a constantly improving product that meets your current needs and addresses changes in the fluid environment of the energy industry.

DASH has EVERYTHING you need to operate your Energy Services company, including-

  • Manage your job and administrative schedule
  • Track jobs and job data through the entire process
  • Consolidate and report data for clients, builders, sponsor programs, utilities, environmental programs, and more
  • Integrate with QuickBooks® for billing and invoicing
  • Integrate with REM/Rate® for HERS ratings
  • Provide instant and relevant communication to clients
  • Manage sampling protocols
  • Track QA requirements, maintain your Rater Registry, and manage your RESNET rating registry
YOU have the power to decide what works for your operations and how your results appear to your clients…
  • Define your own set of client services; define your own programs; user-defined drop-down lists and inspection notes
  • Set up your own automated email communications, with custom distribution lists
  • Build your own inspection forms, specific to your field data requirements
  • Build workflows specific to each program to keep your whole team on track
  • Allow access (or not!) to contractors and builders
  • Control your own pricing, invoicing and billing
PLUS, the added benefits of DASH’s ONLINE environment–
  • Everyone in your organization accesses the same information, whether they are on site or in the field
  • Data is current and accessible from any computer with an internet data connection, maintaining consistency in scheduling, job tracking, and data collection
  • DASH provides a centralized and accessible back-up for all your secure datarnaround for our clients. DASH’s QA module makes sure that all our raters are in compliance with RESNET expectations.

You need a DASHBOARD to drive your vehicle: You need DASH to drive your company.