Set-Up Fees
Rate On-site Training & Set-up
SET-UP  Standard DASH user base site (2-4 field personnel) $1000 500/day plus expenses
Large DASH user base site (5 or more field personnel) $2500 included
Unlimited use DASH site $2500 included
Usage Fees
Rate Monthly Minimum
Standard Usage $5 per address $75
Unlimited Use $1250 per month N/A
On‐Site Support and Training
EnergyLogic staff on site for training, set up, and support services $500/day plus travel expenses
EnergyLogic feels strongly that most DASH implementations require on‐site training and set up assistance. It is best to get your particular DASH site set up according to your processes, and this transition goes most smoothly with immediate and concentrated DASH support. On-site training and set-up assistance is included in the Set-Up Fee for large user and unlimited user installations.
Custom Programming
Custom Reports, forms, imports, exports Individually bid
Reports, forms, data imports and exports can be developed to fit your individual needs.
Data Delivery Fee
In the event that DASH user data needs to be delivered to the user, the data will be delivered in a .csv file, and uploaded files will be downloaded to a file storage site (FTP, Dropbox, etc.) for the user to retrieve. $299.00
  Please provide credit card information for billing purposes. Credit cards are automatically charged monthly. Please call if you would like to set up direct withdrawal from a bank account, or need other monthly invoicing arrangements.