What Is DASH?

Please take a look at this informational video that answers a few of our most commonly asked questions regarding what DASH is, who it is for, and what it does.

More frequently asked questions:

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DASH is a subscription service with two options. You can pay a usage fee for each address you track in DASH. There is also a monthly fee that allows unlimited DASH usage.

Please visit our pricing page or contact EnergyLogic’s Software Department for the current DASH pricing structure. We can be reached at 888.429.5586 or email us at dash@nrglogic.com.

Yes! DASH has many features which are easily user definable. You can create your own list of services, integrate it with your own QuickBooks file, and build user-defined forms for your inspections. You’ll add your own utilities, subdivisions, contractor types, file upload slots and checkboxes. You can make custom comments for your staff on inspection items. Of course you’ll add your own employees, builders, subdivisions, contractors, utilities, codes, environmental programs and program sponsors. DASH’s new File Assignment feature allows you to scope a program or process from start to finish, complete with custom checklists, requirements, upload slots and deadlines. Our goal is for you to use DASH to run your business, in your way.
Everyone in your organization accesses the data in real-time, maintaining the consistency of all scheduling, job tracking, and billing information. All of your data is safely archived and securely stored off site.
DASH “talks” to QuickBooks through the QuickBooks standard .iif files. Invoices created through DASH are exported to .iif files which are then imported to QuickBooks. QuickBooks Class Lists, Item Lists, etc., are exported to .iif files and imported to DASH.
Data from REM/Rate building files is exported to a DASH database. DASH consolidates the data from the individual REM/Rate files and generates reports from the merged data.
Data collected in DASH that is useful for REM/Rate is pulled to a special REM inputs tab to make REM data entry easier.

REM/Rate is currently being revamped to allow for more direct integration into DASH. As soon as this is possible, DASH will be ready: Our goal has always been that you should never have to type anything more than once.

Yes — DASH has features which allow you to maintain your Rater Registry, Continuing Education credits, and RESNET Certification. RESNET QA requirements can be tracked and recorded in the DASH QA Module.
DASH also integrates with the RESNET rating registry. You can upload your building files directly from DASH, and then automatically replace them with registered files.
Yes — The Batch Management component of DASH allows you to set up and track batches according to the Sampling Protocol requirements.
Yes — DASH can set up and maintain Sponsor Programs for both Home Audit and New Construction programs. Homes can be included in reporting, billing, etc., to Program Sponsors. You can even split your billing, so that a portion is billed to a homeowner or builder, and the sponsoring program is billed for their portion. Utility companies or program sponsors can be given a login to your DASH site which allows the utility to view its own information, reports, etc.
Yes — DASH integrates a job/work calendar with an Office Calendar. The job calendar includes all billable work; the Office Calendar manages other appointments like meetings, vacation, etc. The master schedule shows all items from both calendars. The schedule can be displayed by individual or entire company, in daily, weekly, or monthly views.
DASH includes several standard reports, including the Energy Star Report, an Outstanding Jobs report to keep your staff on track, the RESNET QA Count report, and the Home Data Report among many others.
DASH’s ad hoc reporting feature allows you to build and memorize custom reports for almost any combination of fields collected in DASH.